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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Don't reject difference - embrace it...    Be a buddy not a bully!   Step up for others don't be stepped on!    Spread love all around!     Be a bucket filler not a bucket dipper.....    Kind in mind always be kind.....       Bully free starts with me!     Be an UPSTANDER not a BYSTANDER....


In any school, from a school in the ‘leafiest’ of leafy suburbs to  the most challenging of areas there will be instances where children fall out, where accidents take place in school or where ‘fall outs’ occur, and where the word ’bullying ‘ is often used too quickly.

We at St Mary's do not want to have any incidents of bullying, as few and far between as they are. We are so lucky to have such wonderful children who, despite fall outs from time to time, are caring, respectful and considerate.

Sometimes, however, children and parents use the word ‘bullying’ when it is clearly not a bullying case. This is always upsetting for all involved and it is a shame that the word is used, at times, far too quickly. For this reason, here are some definitions of bullying;

Common Features of Bullying

INTENT - it is deliberate!

REPEATED - it happens more than once!

HARMFUL - it causes physical or emotional damage!

POWER IMBALANCE - it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves

Types of Bullying

Physical: Hitting, kicking, spitting, throwing stones or pushing. Getting another person to hit someone.

Verbal: Verbal insults, name calling, persuading another person to insult someone, spreading bad rumours, obvious whispering.

Indirect: Threatening and bad gestures, intimidation by staring and 'dirty looks,' removing  and hiding belongings, deliberate exclusion from a group or activity, ignoring.


Cyber bullying (Online Bullying or E-Bullying) Includes:
Internet: either by e-mail or 'site victimisation' (when someone sets up an Internet site for the purpose of victimising an individual/ group )

Mobile phones: Text messages, picture/video clip messages


We are proud of our wonderful children and the relationships they have with others, and we know that much of this is down to the excellent, positive influence and role modelling provided at home by their parents. However, we still want to talk about bullying, what it is and what effects it can have.