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Class Three Home Learning 


Summer 13-07-2020

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 look-say-cover-write-and-check-blank-editable-template-activity-sheet (1).docDownload
 look-say-cover-write-and-check-blank-editable-template-activity-sheet (1).pdfDownload
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Summer 06-07-2020

 My place of worship is.docxDownload
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 Poster Planning Doc.docxDownload
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Summer 26-06-2020

 2DSHAPES handwriting.pdfDownload
 3DSHAPES handwriting.pdfDownload
 goldfish bowl.pdfDownload
 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Research Activity.pdfDownload
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Summer 22-06-2020

 Comparing angles extension PDF.docxDownload
 Comparing angles extension word doc.docxDownload
 Draw accurately extension PDF.pdfDownload
 Draw accurately extension word doc.docxDownload
 Gaudi chimneys-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 home learning 22.06.20.docxDownload
 I am unique WAGOLL 1.jpgDownload
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 I am unique writing activity template.jpgDownload
 Literacy week 3 PowerPoint PDF.pdfDownload
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Summer 15-06-2020

 Gaudi Clay Model Art Activity Instructions.pdfDownload
 Home learning 15.06.20.docxDownload
 Literacy week 2.pptxDownload
 Monday Empathy story 2.pdfDownload
 Monday Empathy story.pdfDownload
 Monday PSHE.pdfDownload
 Monday Using Art to Talk About Feelings - Empathy.pdfDownload
 Salt Dough Recipe.pdfDownload
 Using Prepositions to Express Time.docxDownload
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Summer 8-6-2020

 Church Story pages 66.jpgDownload
 Church Story pages 67.jpgDownload
 Equivalent-fractions-1 ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Equivalent-fractions-1 WORKSHEET.pdfDownload
 Equivalent-fractions-2 ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Equivalent-fractions-2 WORKSHEET.pdfDownload
 Equivalent-fractions-3 WORKSHEET.pdfDownload
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Summer 1-6-2020

 Adding Fractions with the same denom.docxDownload
 Church Story pages 67.jpgDownload
 Churh Story pages 66.jpgDownload
 Comparing Fractions.docxDownload
 Lesson 2 Plants.pptxDownload
 Lesson 4 Architecture around the World.pptxDownload
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Summer Week 6

 Creative Learning.pdfDownload
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Summer Week 5

 Equivalent-Fractions-2 Steps.pdfDownload
 Equivalent-Fractions-3 Steps.pdfDownload
 God has forgiven you.docxDownload
 Gods Story 3 - Pg 102.jpegDownload
 home learning sheet 18.05.20.pdfDownload
 KS2 Weekly Wellbeing Journal Pack 1 Friday.pdfDownload
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Summer Week 4

 home learning sheet 11.05.20.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 .pdfDownload
 LO I can find fractions of an amount 1.pdfDownload
 LO I can find fractions of an amount 2.pdfDownload
 LO I can find fractions of an amount 3.pdfDownload
 Magnetic Games Y3.pdfDownload
 The meaning of sin and the examination of life (conscience)..pdfDownload
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Summer Week 3

 Gaudis Trencadis colouring page.pdfDownload
 Glossary page - Art.pdfDownload
 home learning sheet 04.05.20.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 .pdfDownload
 LO I can count up and down in tenths.pdfDownload
 LO I can describe magnets as having two poles.pdfDownload
 LO I can place fractions on a number line..pdfDownload
 LO I can recognise that tenths arise from dividing an object into 10 equal parts.pdfDownload
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Summer Week 2

 Gaudi Trencadis Technique Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
 Glossary page - Art.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3.pdfDownload
 LO I can compare unit fractions and non-unit fractions.pdfDownload
 Using Adverbs to Express Time.pdfDownload
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Summer Week 1

 Equivalent-Lengths-mm-and-cm Pt2 .pdfDownload
 Gods Story 3 - Pg 132.jpgDownload
 KWL grid.pdfDownload
 LO I can compare lengths .pdfDownload
 LO I can find equivalent lengths using m, cm and mm Lesson 1 .pdfDownload
 LO I can find equivalent lengths using m, cm and mm Lesson 2 .pdfDownload
 Pushes, Pulls and Twists .pdfDownload
 What is an Adverb.docx.pdfDownload
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 home learning sheet week 1.pdfDownload
 home learning sheet week 2.pdfDownload
 home learning sheet week 3.pdfDownload
 Week 4 home learning.pdfDownload
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Week 1

 60-Second Reads Guidance.pdfDownload
 An Extract from Howard Carters Diary.pdfDownload
 Friendly Felines.pdfDownload
 Get Ready With Cleopatra.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 steps.docxDownload
 LO I can add and subtract multiples of 100. pt.1.docxDownload
 LO I can add and subtract multiples of 100.docxDownload
 LO I can order numbers in Ascending and Descending order.docxDownload
 LO I can recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous sheet.pdfDownload
 LOI can recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous..pptxDownload
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Week 2

 60-Second Reads Guidance.pdfDownload
 Glossary page (1).pdfDownload
 Glossary page (3).pdfDownload
 How Thunor Got His Hammer.pdfDownload
 LO I can multiply by 3 (1).pdfDownload
 LO I can recall and use multiplication facts for the 4 times table. (1).pdfDownload
 LO I can recall and use multiplication facts for the 8 times table. (1).pdfDownload
 LO I can recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object..pptxDownload
 Premium Property For Sale!.pdfDownload
 Really Rare Runes.pdfDownload
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Week 3

 Gods Story 3 - Pg 126.pdfDownload
 LO I can divide by 3.pdfDownload
 LO I can divide by 4.pdfDownload
 LO I can divide by 8.pdfDownload
 LO I can find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change..pdfDownload
 SPAG Using Conjunctions to Express Time, Place and Cause.pdfDownload
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