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Friends of St. Mary’s

The Friends of St. Mary's is an informal group of parents who work together to organise social events and raise money for the school. They help school in many different ways such as making sure there are refreshments at events such as the recent Science open afternoon and Harvest Mass. They also act as a sounding board for the school in issues that the School Council raises. By organising social events such as discos for the children and social occasions for parents, they help bind our community together.

They also help raise much needed funds. Last academic year, the Friends of St. Mary's raised much of the £4000 the school needed to help pay towards the new staffroom. The staffroom is now big enough to sit all the staff, rather than sitting on the floor, as was often the case. The staffroom was always used by groups of children, but now they have access to proper facilities to bake. The design included two ovens to help bake more quickly. The cooking club is the first group of children to enjoying the luxury of proper ovens, rather than the portable oven of old.

This year any money raised by the Friends of St. Mary's will be spent on paying for a Christmas present for every child and meeting 10% of the new intervention room. Longer term plans this year or next are to keep on developing the school yard with the creation of a stage and shade for the summer months.

Meetings take place in school, normally at 9 am - they are very informal and small children are welcome.

The school recently signed up to and you can access their site here.

Events planned for this year are:

The next meeting will now be on Thursday 2nd February at 9.10am.